Temperature Telemetry: Seize the Power of DIY ESP8266 Devices

The most universally applicable use of IoT devices is collecting a wide range of telemetry data. Whether your goal is to decrease energy consumption, gain new insights into your surroundings, enhance your security systems, improve your environmental quality, or catch early warnings of potential problems, the initial task is to gather the necessary data to … Read more

Homemade Garden Irrigation System From A Simple Relay Module

An excellent example of home automation is a self-operating irrigation system. Whether for a large garden or a small flower pot, you never want to do it manually. Fortunately, creating a system that handles this task autonomously with additional remote control and telemetry capabilities is straightforward with unicontrol when coupled with a standard ESP8266-based relay … Read more

Smart Light Made With Old Table Lamp And Relay Module

As you begin the transformation of your personal space into a modern smart home, a great starting point is to experiment with simple tasks. For instance, you could convert an old desk lamp into a smart light using just a few components: With these items, you can equip your old desk lamp with several smart … Read more

unicontrol – first init – 2nd part

When the hardware intended for our own project is ready, the first thing we need to do is to upload the unicontrol software to the module. The easiest and recommended method is to upload it using the freely available Flasher program as described here. Once the software is successfully uploaded to the module, a reset … Read more

Heating/Cooling regulator

The “Heating/Cooling Temperature Regulator” (HTR) software for our AYAtec_ESPtronic-V1.2 board is used to regulate and monitor temperatures in the required area (home heating, garages, aquarium, terrarium, animal husbandry, swimming pool, whirlpool …). Depending on which version is loaded into the control module or what HW configuration the module has depends on how many independent spaces … Read more