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    1. No Duplicate Posts: Search the forum before posting to avoid duplicating existing topics, particularly in the “Technical Support” section.
    2. Stay on Topic: Ensure your posts are relevant to the category you are posting in.
    3. Be Descriptive: Provide clear and detailed information like descriptions, images, and progress updates in your posts to facilitate meaningful discussions and effective solutions.
    4. Be Respectful: Respect others’ opinions and engage in constructive discussions. Understand that your feedback is appreciated even if it may not be implemented.
    5. Constructive and Relevant Feedback: Offer constructive and respectful feedback or suggestions on software or others’ projects. Ensure your feedback is relevant to the products, services, or community platform.
    6. Original Content: Share projects that you have personally worked on in the “Project Showcase” section.
    7. No Self-Promotion: Avoid promoting your own or others’ products or services if it is not relevant to the topics discussed in the forum.
    8. Mark Solved: Let us know if you consider your technical issue as resolved, we will mark the topic as solved to help others with similar issues.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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